My Project Evaluation

I had never filmed anything or edited any footage together before so I was very apprehensive, but excited about this project brief. I looked into many fashion films and films to get inspiration and gain a greater understanding of what was expected from my fashion film. I struggled with understanding how to film so I did research into filming with DSLR cameras and how to film in the dark until I felt confident. I also had trouble with creating my story board because I found it hard to visualise what I wanted the film to look like before I had done any filming experiments and I wasn’t confident with my drawing skills; however once I had chosen the music it helped me to visualise where I wanted certain edits to be and I made gifs so I could visualise the movement and sequencing. When I shot girl 2 I forgot to take the reflector on set so I had to improvise and use a big piece of card board and cover it in tin foil; this made me become a lot more organised, e.g. writing equipment lists, as I didn’t want something like this to happen again! I didn’t realise that the contacts that I bought were meant for one use only so I had to buy more for my continuity assessments. I found it helpful looking at different fashion films because they inspired me to do certain edits, camera angles and lighting set ups. I looked at different theme tunes for horror films to see what I thought would work best to create a spooky, slightly sinister feel to my film. I looked at victorian porcelain dolls and doll-inspired makeup looks for inspiration for my model looks and I incorporated different aspects to create three individual looks. I looked at stereotypes in horror films and the characters in the film The Breakfast Club which inspired me to create the blonde bimbo, the goth and the hippie. I incorporated doll aspects and victorian aspects into each character to show my initial inspiration of victorian porcelain dolls. I showed my models clips from films of the kind of movement and emotion I wanted from them which helped them feel more confident and sure of what they were doing. I am really happy with how unique each of my characters came out and how differently they seem to be reacting to being kidnapped and trapped in a forest. I am so happy with how similar my continuity images look. There are only very subtle differences between them, for example the positioning of the strands of hair in the fringe. To improve my images I would blend foundation all over her chest and arms to even out the skin tone, and I would have spent more time perfecting the black lip line. I brought in some images; however I think I should have brought in more to reference from in my final assessment. The model struggled to get the contacts in so I made sure that I applied them before I did any of her makeup to avoid it smudging or running.


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