Evaluation of My Fashion Film

I decided to evaluate my film using the ‘high five’ method so that I looked at everything individually to get a more detailed look at my film.

I really like how I incorporated two songs together in my fashion film because I knew I wanted to include a music box effect but that I didm;t necessarily want it to continue throughout my film. I wanted it to just fade in and out at certain points so that the viewer is reminded that the girls are being treated as dolls or puppets by the man. I like how the more dramatic music plays the whole way through the film, with the music box fading in and out at the beginning and also when you see the man walking towards them because it is very subtle, but it lets the audience know that something bad is about to happen. I really like how the music starts off very eery and builds up to get louder, with loud wind/stormy noises. I then like how it kept starting and stopping, making it feel unconnected, as I feel like that would put the viewer more on edge because it’s not obvious what’s going to happen next. I really like how I reflected the editing and character movement on the music so that if there was a harsh beat in the music then I would have a sudden movement or flash in the editing because I think it gives a more professional look and makes it seem more put together and dramatic. I think the overall song sounds very scary, eery and sinister which is exactly what I wanted.

The lighting is very dark throughout with harsh shadows, giving it a very mysterious and scary atmosphere. I like that not everything in the frame is visible because it incorporates the fear of the unknown, meaning anything could be hiding in the background. I used candles to light up the models and then I used LED lights and a silver reflector as a fill light. I like how cool the fill light was because it looked like moonlight, making it look very natural. I love that the candle light flickered constantly and gave an uneven light because it made it look like her only source of light was threatening to go out, plunging her into darkness. The flickering also kept the clips from looking very still and calm, giving it a more panicked and chaotic, but still eery look. I like that I used candles as a light source because flames and fire represents danger and fear, reflecting the situation the girls are in. My favourite clip, lighting wise, in my film is at 1″29′ where girl 1 is staring into the camera, holding a light up next to her face. There is a dramatic beat in the music when the clip of her first appears with her completely lit up, and then the candle light flickers, plunging her temporarily into darkness. The clips ends with the clip slowly fading into darkness as it sounds like someone is heavily breathing outwards. I think this the lighting and sound in this clip work perfectly together, reflecting what the other is doing.

The Frame
At the beginning of the film there are many closeups used as an introduction because I wanted the girls and the situation to be revealed slowly to get the audience thinking. I kept the camera very still in the majority of the scenes because I felt the model’s wear moving enough anyway and I didn’t want to make it look too over done or fussy. At 0″28′ the camera spins round and round itself and points higher and higher; the spinning also gets faster and faster. I really like how this was reflected in the building of the music, both speed and loudness wise because it helped build the tension and suspense effectively. I used a variety of closeups, mid shots and wide shots to show both detail and the setting. I used closeups to show detail in the models’ faces as I felt the audience would sympathise with them more if they felt could really feel their pain. I also really liked to use closeup shots to show off the models’ makeup looks as this is not only visually appealing but gives the audience another clue that they are in fact the man’s dolls. I used a couple wide shots of girl 3 (hippie) because she stood up, throwing her whole body around so I wanted to show the full effect of it and her styling. I used a lot of overlapping of images to either build up tension or to give it more of a slow motion/dream-like feel  and I also think it gave more variety of shots. I used a lot of slow motion in my film, especially of girl 2 (goth) screaming because I found it emphasised her scream and her painful expression to show her true terror. I found that the use of slow motion also made it easier for the audience to see every detail in that clip. I sped up a lot of my footage to make it look more chaotic and animal-like to show their panic and anxiety through their movement. I think using a variety of speeds in my film gave it much more dimension and made the footage and emotions look more exaggerated.

The film start off very slowly, with very long clips, as it shows closeups of certain props or body parts which builds tension. The music then starts flickering so I used strobing to mimic the very quick starts and stops of the music. I used strobing a couple times though out the film when the music is very fast because it creates a very chaotic and dramatic effect to show the heightened emotions of the trapped girl. When the music gets faster and builds up, I used quicker edits to speed up the pace of the film to represent the girls growing fear. At the end I wanted to shock the audience and leave them asking questions, so I built the tension up with using slower edits and then faster and faster edits until the music hits a strong beat and then mystery man looks to the left sharply. I really like this ending because it gives the impression that he has seen one of the girls and is about to attack, however nothing is made certain so that audience are able to ask questions and make up their own ending.

Mise En Scene
I am really happy with how the makeup turned out because all their eyes look very big and doll-like, with the bold eye lashes and lower bottom lash lines. I really like how they all have similar aspects, like the round cheeks, bold eyes and full lips, but they still all look very individual. I am really happy with how the hair turned out, with the girly girl’s structured curls, the goth’s straight black wig and the hippie’s very relaxed and free hair because they all represented their characters well and looked very different. I am also happy with the styling because they have clearly all been kidnapped at different times of day and they all have very unique styles specific to their stereotypes. I love how girl 2 and 3 really got into their characters and put everything into it, with the exaggerated screaming and dramatic movements; however I found that girl 1 didn’t feel as comfortable in front of the camera and looked slightly awkward and emotionless. If I were to do this film again, I would re-shoot her section with her or use another model to get the acting ability I want. I really like that the film was set in a forest because many people associate this with the ‘deep, dark woods’, making it scary to a wide audience. I like that I included the title at the start of my film because I wanted it to stick in people’s minds when they watched it and I wanted it to be a clue of what the film was about.


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