My Fashion Film Moodboard

Film Moodboard
This is my mood board to represent my fashion film. I wanted the overall effect of it to be very dark, mysterious and sinister. The very dark background of is of a forest, with very grey lighting to show that I want my location to be in a cold, moonlit forest. I have put a man’s body in the centre carrying a rope, suggesting he will use it to assault the girls with. I didn’t include the man’s face because I don’t want my viewers to associate the man in the film as anyone in particular, but instead imagine him as someone they are personally scared or intimidated by. In the fashion film I want to just show the back of him, and possible his side profile of his face for a dramatic ending; however I don’t want a clear shot of his face as I sometimes think what your own imagination can create is scarier than if you’re given a specific person. In the mood board I put the man in a suit, this may not be the clothing that my mystery man will wear, but I thought a suit  would make him look very important and in control; however I also think it’s slightly unrealistic for a man to wear a full suit deep into a forest. I found images of three girls that fitted my descriptions the best. The girl on the left represents girl 3, the hippie, with the more natural makeup, wavy ginger hair and more boho feel. The girl in the middle represents girl 2, the goth, with the very dark eye makeup, jet black hair and black lips. The girl on the right represents girl 1, the girly girl, with the pink lips and cheeks, bleach blonde hair and youthful, frilly styling. I positioned all these girls above a row of candles because I use candle light as my main light source to light the girls and the candles brought in that warmer feeling. The flames also represent the danger and threat the girls are under as fire symbolises chaos and destruction. There is a lot of screaming and panic from the girls in my film so I represented that with images of three girls hysterically screaming and crying. I made these really faded, to almost look like ghosts, to represent their vulnerability and their invisibility to anyone that could help. I have gone into much more depth with the reasonings why I chose each character and their styling and why I chose the storyline and lighting etc.


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