Gifs from my Film

I am really happy with how this character came out! I wanted her parts in the film to be very quick and chaotic to show how she is throwing her body around to try to break free from the ropes tying her to the tree. I am really happy with how she really got into the character and wasn’t afraid to throw herself into it! Her facial expressions were exactly how I had imagined them, with the very determined and aggressive look on her face and the glaring eye contact with the camera. Her body movements were very exaggerated and strong, making them look very angular and almost animal-like when sped up! I am really happy with my fashion choices because the loose arms of the dress are thrown around with her arms, exaggerating her dramatic movements. The white feathers in her hair stand out and emphasise how much she is throwing her hair around; I think if I didn’t have the white in her hair, then her hair may have got lost in the moving image. I took many angles of this same movement, with her always looking in the same direction, because I wanted to show what she body movements looked like from different angles, and with and without eye contacts. I also used closeups with this footage to show what her face was expressing. I love the lighting used in these shots because it just lights her up and not too much of her surroundings. I wanted it to be clear that she was in a forest, but I wanted to make it look very dark and empty, to show she is all by herself with no protection because I felt like this added to her vulnerability.

These two gifs of girl 1 are very different to the gifs of girl 3 because they are so much more still and slow. I wanted to get a closeup of girl 1 because I wanted to show the detail in her makeup and I also wanted to show her facial expression up close because it was so subtle and a lot less dramatic than the others. I am really happy with how precise and sharp the makeup looks, with the clean white eyeliner, jet black eyelashes and dainty freckles, because it makes her look like a painted doll. She starts by looking at the camera and then looks away as if she is looking for something or has maybe heard something. Her eyes are very wide, like a deer in the headlights, to show she is in shock. I didn’t want this character to be as loud and dramatic as the other two because I wanted to show how people can react to things in very different ways and I liked that there would be some contrast in the pace of the film. In both these clips I used an LED light and a silver reflector to bounce light gently onto her back, to act like moonlight, to show the detail in her hair. I also used a candle to light up her face that the model was holding. I wanted the candle to be in the shot because fire represents fear, danger and burning, possible as he is burning her hope of a normal life away. I am so happy with how the hair looks in the first gif because it is victorian inspired and it is very pretty and detailed to show her youthful and girly side.


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