Film Ready Hair and Make Up

Make Up
-foundation palette
-white skin base
-loose powder
-buffing brush
-powder puff
-naked basics palette
-eye brow brush
-disposable mascara wand
-lip palette
-lip brush
-blush palette
-makeup wipes

Step by step:
1. Cleanse and tone skin to clean and add moisture.
2. Apply a moisturising primer and massage it into the skin with fingers.
3. Warm up some concealer on the back of your hand and apply a bit under the eye, patting it gently with fingers. Don’t swipe as will pull on delicate skin and irritate. Go into the corner on the eyes as there is darkness there.
4. Colour match the foundation on the model, don’t change the colour of the skin for this natural look.
5. Mix the foundation with an illuminater or moisturiser to make it less heavy.
6. Only put the foundation on the skin where they need it and buff it into the skin. Apply the foundation with your fingers each time to warm up the product and place it exactly where you want it.
7. Blend the concealer in with the foundation and add it to the eyelid to even out skin tone.
8. Put loose powder onto powder puff and run it into the puff to remove excess. Then press it over the lips.
9. Apply some lip balm on the lips to prep them for the lip stick.
10. Brush eye brows through and add a tiny bit of colour if there are sparse areas.
11. Brush through the eyelashes to remove any product.
12. Avoid using very light eye shadows as it will be obvious. Use a shimmery or matte skin colour on the lid.
13. Use a wet brown eye shadow and press it into the lash line for subtle definition.
14. Apply a light coat of mascara to top and bottom lashes. Stand to the side of the model so that it is less intimidating.
15. Ask model to smile and lightly add some blush to the apples of the cheeks.
16. Add a very natural lips colour.

I am really happy with how the makeup and hair came out. The aim of the makeup look was to make it look as natural as possible. I only added foundation where she needed it to cover redness and other imperfections and blended it in really well with my fingers. I didn’t want to cover up her freckles because I thought her skin would look too perfect and doll-like. I used a tiny bit of concealer under the eyes, making sure to dab it into the skin, and I am happy that it looks very natural and not cakey. I only added a very small amount of powder to set the makeup because I still wanted my model’s natural glow to shine through. I added a small amount of light rose coloured blush to make it look like she was naturally blushing. My model had very thin eyebrows and they were very short, so I extended them slightly with some brown eye shadow. I think the eyebrows look natural, however if you look closely you can see that there is no hair on the outer edge, but I don’t think it’s obvious in these photos and I didn’t want to leave my model with only half eye brows! I added a very light coat of mascara to her eyelashes because I wanted to make her eyes look more defined, but I didn’t want her to obviously be wearing mascara. If I were to do the look again, I would have used brown mascara to make them look more natural, especially as she has blonde hair. For the lips I used a small amount of a natural coloured lipstick and I blended it into the lips well to give the most natural finish possible.

-Paddle brush
-Tail comb
-Hair grips
-Hair elastics
-Hair spray

Step by Step:
1. Brushed through the hair to get rid of any knots and smooth.
2. Using my pin tail comb, I sectioned off the sides, just above the ear, for the french plaits.
3. Do a french plait on each side, about an inch and a half wide. When you reach the back, continue to plait the hair and secure it with a hair elastic.
4. Back comb the middle section of hair in small strips all the way back to the crown of her head. Use hair spray is you feel it’s necessary.
5. Gather all the hair in the middle section and smooth the top layer of hair. Shape the hair into a quiff shape, trying to make it as even as possible on both sides.
6. Secure the hair at the back with two hair grips.
7. Back comb all the hair at the back and then loosely twist it into a bun. Pull parts of the bun out to make it look bigger.
8. Secure the bun with hair grips.
9. Wrap each plait round the bun and secure then with hair grips. Try to make the elastic as hidden as possible.
10. Remove the hair grips from behind the quiff so they are not visible.

I am really happy with the overall look of the hair. The hair looks very smooth on top of the quiff; however I could have used more hair spray to smooth down the fly aways. I am happy with the height of the quiff, but I could have made it look more even on both sides, as it leans slightly to one side. I am happy with the french plaits because they look neat and even and how the swoop down to meet the bun; however I could have made the line of the french plait straighter to give it a very clean and sharp look. I love how the hair is twisted at the back of the quiff going into the bun because it adds a feminine, elegant feel to the look. Her hair was very thin and quite short so I and to back comb the hair a lot to make her bun look voluminous, however I am really happy with how it turned out. I really like the plaits going into and around the bun because it adds a fun and girly detail to the look.


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