Shooting Girl 3


Filming and Lighting
I am really happy with how the footage came out for Girl 3! I was concerned that the lighting wouldn’t work because I used a candle very close to the model’s faces in my previous shoots but, because Girl 3 was throwing her arms and body around, I couldn’t do that here. I placed candles all round her on the trees, in bushes and on the ground but I didn’t find that they gave much light at all. It was also very windy when I was filming so the candles blew out very quickly. I found candles with walls around them that I could use that kept the wind away from the candles so I used a few of them in random places. I predominantly used a big lighting used for building sites and a silver reflector to light up my model. I got an assistant to be in charge of the light positioning and another assistant to be in charge of the reflector; however I directed them to make sure the lighting turned out exactly how I wanted. We found it difficult at first to light up the model without lighting up too many of the trees around her, but we found that we had to angle the light down so that the very harsh light was on the floor to make the light on the model softer and more natural looking.
It was very cold when we filmed so I got out an extension lead and used a heater to warm up the model so she didn’t feel uncomfortably cold. I found that we had to film this shoot quicker than the others shoots because my model’s wrists were starting to hurt from the rope from throwing her arms around so much and so viciously. I also didn’t want her to start losing blood supply in her arms. I had already completed my story board before filming this shoot so I found it easy to decided which angles to shoot and how many shots I needed.

Model Inspiration
I showed my model the scene in King Kong when Ann Darrow is sacrificed. She is tied up by her arms and dragged over to where King Kong lives. I wanted my model to be inspired by the part when she has just landed and she is pulling at her arms and throwing her body around to set her free. I was inspired by it because she wasn’t screaming at that point, but is instead just focusing on trying to break free. She doesn’t do this for long, but I explained to my model that this is what I wanted her to do throughout filming and make it even more exaggerated. I also explained to her that I was going to speed it up and reverse it and I wanted it to look very chaotic and panicked.

MOVIECLIPS, 2011. King Kong (1/10) Movie Clip – Human Sacrifice (2005) HD [3 December 2015]. Available from:


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