Creating Girl 3’s Look

-hair brush
-curling tongs
-dry shampoo
-brown eye brow shades
-small angled brush
-eye shadow primer
-loose translucent powder
-eye shadow palettes
-contact lenses
-white supra colour
-white eye shadow
-small detail brush
-pencil brush
-beauty blender
-disposable mascara wand
-fluffy brush
-kabuki brush
-duo lash glue
-top fake eye lashes
-bottom fake eye lashes
-dense round brush
-small fluffy brush
-lip stick palette
-lip brush
-feather hair extensions

Step by Step:
1. I brushed through her hair and curled it with curling tongs in small sections.
2. I separated the curls and brushed through them gently with my fingers to make them look less perfect and more messy.
3. I added dry shampoo to her roots and rubbed my fingers through her hair to give her more volume and body.
4. I filled in her eyebrows with a mixture of medium brown shades and an angled brush.
5. I applied eye shadow primer to both eye lids and then powdered them to make it easier to bend eye shadows on top.
6. I applied a gold shimmery colour on the lid and blended it into a darker bronzy colour on the outer edges. I then blended some medium brown through the crease for some definition.
7. I put a light shimmery golden shade on the inner corner and on the brow bone to highlight.
8. I applied the contacts in both eyes carefully, washing my hands before.
9. Using a small angled brush, I applied some white supra colour along the lower lash line and in the water line. I then set it with white eye shadow.
10. I used a small detail brush to draw a line with a medium brown eye shadow just under the white line of white, to create a new lower lash line.
11. I blended this line out with the shimmery bronzy colour I used on the lid, with a pencil brush.
12. I moisturised and primed the face to create a clean and smooth base.
13. I applied some Nars foundation all over her face using a damp beauty blender, blending it onto the ears and down the neck.
14. I applied a lighter concealer under the eyes in a triangle shape, down the nose, in the centre of the forehead, on the cupids bow, on the chin and under the cheek bones to highlight. I blended that in with a beauty blender.
15. Using my beauty blender, I packed on a thick layer of loose translucent powder under her eyes, under her cheek bones and in the centre of her forehead to further brighten and set these areas.
16. I applied some mascara on her top eye lashes only, so they would blend with the fake lashes more easily.
17. I removed the excess powder with a fluffy brush and powdered the rest of her face with a kabuki brush and some translucent powder.
18. I applied some duo lash glue to the top and bottom fake eye lashes and applied them onto the eyes, making sure that the bottom eye lashes followed the new lower lash line.
19. I applied some brown, slightly shimmery, eye shadow to the apples of her cheeks in defined circular shapes with a dense round brush.
20. I highlighted her face with a light shimmery highlighter with a small fluffy brush on the tops of her cheek bones, on the centre of the forehead, down the nose and on the cupids bow.
21. I mixed a brown and a red lip stick together to create this warm brown colour and applied it with a lip brush.
22. I clipped in some white feather hair extensions rounds her head to give a more hippie-like vibe.
23. My model lastly put on her dress and the look was complete.

I am so happy with how the look came out! I love how big her eyes look, with the white eyeliner, and the rounded looking cheeks because they make her look so doll-like. I was concerned that the eyes wouldn’t stand out enough because I wasn’t using very dark colours; however the bold eyelashes definitely made the eyes stand out and I love how the brown contacts have a black rim because it makes them look more defined and therefore more striking. I made the colour of her face slightly lighter than the colour of her skin because my model was wearing a lot of fake tan and I didn’t want her to look very tanned so I made sure to blend it down the neck so that it wouldn’t look too harsh. I am really happy with the lips and how defined they are because they stand out, without being over powering to the more neutral toned look.I knew I wasn’t going to contour her face so I knew it was going to be important to highlight her face well to give her face some dimension, especially under her cheek bones. I really like how voluminous and wavy the hair looked because it was easily swung around in the shoot. When my model threw her hair around in the shoot the white feather extensions sometimes flew out, butI just kept putting them back in so it wasn’t too much of an issue. I am really happy with how the dress looked and fitted because the material was light enough for it to look very flowy in the shoot and the bright colours and patterns looked very fun and added a 70s, hippie-like vibe to the look.


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