My Continuity Assessment 2

In this assessment I had to try and recreate the doll look I had done on my model before and try to make it look as similar as possible. I brought in photos of the makeup I did on my model before so that I could look back and reference each part of the look. I am really happy with how similar the images look and I have paired them up below, with the original look on the left and the copied look on the right.

The photo on the left was the original and the photo on the right is the replicate. I am so happy with how similar they look! I can only really see two differences, with the black lip line being slightly higher on the left cupids bow and it look smoother. The other difference is the positioning of the fringe. They are both very straight and both have small gaps in the middle, however the hairs are pointing in slightly different directions. The angle of the photographs are different, however the makeup and hair are extremely similar.


The top image of these two is the original and the bottom image is the replicated one. The fringe is positioned slightly differently in each photo; the fringe is more dense on the right and covers the eyebrow in the top photo and the fringe is higher up on the left in the top photo. The eye shadow and eye lashes are the same in both photos and the white eye liner is of the same width and length. The blush is very slightly different in each image because the blush on the left comes in closer to the nose in the bottom image and it is more defined.

The image on the left is the original and the image on the right is the replicate. The corset is positioned in exactly the same way, however the tutu is slightly different in each, with there being more volume in the tutu on the left side in the left image; however this is only a very minor difference. The hair is positioned more vertically and shaped thinner in the right image and the hair on the left is more across the shoulder in the left photo. The other difference is that there is more loose material on the right side of the bow in the right image, where as the left bow has a sharper edge. These differences are only minor so I am very happy with the results.



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