My Continuity Assessment 1


I am really happy with how my assessment went and I took loads of photos of the look so that I could replicate it on my model for my next continuity assessment. I really like how smooth and perfected the skin looks, however if I were to do this again I would have added some foundation on her chest and arms to make them look just as perfect and to get the exact same colouring and texture to the skin. I struggles to get the outline of the lips perfectly sharp and straight. I used a lip brush and black lip mix to get the most precision; however, as you can see, the lip line still isn’t perfect so that is definitely something I need to work on in the future. I was really happy with how the eye makeup went because the white eyeliner looks very symmetrical on both sides and the lower lashes are positioned at an even width from the white. I found it initially difficult to make the blush not look blotchy, however after using a light pink blush first as a base, I found it easier to make the darker blush look more blended on top. I really like the positioning of the bow and will try to replicate it. I will also try to shape and smooth the hair so that it looks the same in each photo. I had to cut some of the cringe to make it look more even, so I will do the same in the next shoot if any hairs look out of place.


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