Experimenting with Supra colour and Wet Eye Shadow

In this lesson we were given the opportunity to experiment with using supra colour and wet eye shadow. We were given images for inspiration and had to come up with a couple of quick and fun looks with each product.

Mad Max – Charlize Theron

TOMASI, R., 2014. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015): Cast Images and Official Plot Synopsis. In: FilmBook. 29 June 2014 [30 November 2015]. Available from: http://film-book.com/mad-max-fury-road-2015-cast-images-and-official-plot-synopsis/

For my first look I used supra colour and I was inspired by Charlize Theron’s look from Mad Max. I wanted to use supra colour for this look to create the same shine that Charlize has on her forehead and I knew that supra colour would give me that same wet look and I brushed it into her hair line so that there were no harsh lines. I was inspired by the black on her forehead, but I made mine a lot more dense and perfected and then dragged it down her nose and temples. I thought that it looked too top heavy with it just being on her forehead so I added a black contour on her cheek bones to balance it out and to give her the same muddy and messy look, I used small brush stokes to blend it out, given an uneven look. I also added black under her eyes and in her waterline to make her eyes stand out. I really enjoyed using the supra colour because it blended very easily, the pigmentation was very high and it gave a beautiful glossy finish. One thing that could be problematic with different looks is that it doesn’t set, so it can be smudges and transferred easily.

Blade Runner – Pris

RONRONTHERAPIE, 2012. Blade Runner (1982). In: RONRONTHERAPIE. 20 September 2012 [25 November 2015]. Available from: https://ronrontherapie.wordpress.com/2012/09/20/blade-runner-1982/

This look was inspired by the dark colouring across the eyes and the messy, punk rock look. I applied a layer of green wet eye shadow across her eyes, let it dry, and then asked the model to scrunch up her face and then applied a layer of black over that; this meant that the black colour didn’t reach the skin that was scrunched up and so left it green. In some of the images I found of Pris, so had a colour surrounding the black and so this was how I wanted to incorporate colour into my design. I blended out the top and bottom of this look with fanned out brush stroked, to represent the very corse, straight ends of Pris’ hair. I had not used wet eye shadow before, other than just on the eye lids, and I found that you had to work very quickly otherwise the product would set and be very difficult to blend. I also found that the pigmentation of the colours weren’t very strong and even when I only used a bit of water they still looked very weak and watery. A positive about this method is that the product sets and dry quickly so there is no transfer, meaning you can easily layer products and get a matte finish. I’m not sure if this was because of the eye shadows I was using, but I think this was my least favourite product to use compared to aqua colour and supra colour as it is not as easily manipulated and not as pigmented.


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