Evaluating my Rough Cut

Even though I had only filmed one of my three girl characters and not the man, I thought it would be useful to do a very rough cut of the start of my fashion film so that I could see how the lighting, framing, editing etc. worked.All the editing in this rough cut is the exact editing I had intended to use for my final; however the majority of the content will be different.

I really like how the beginning is very slow and almost an introduction to the film as it only reveals small sections of the full content. The clips fade in and out slowly and each clips is shown for about 4 seconds, making it seem as if it is building up to something, building tension. The clips then speed up to create a fast flashing effect to reflect the quick paced music. I like this sudden contrast in the speed of the music and edits because it creates variety and it almost shocks the viewers into not knowing what to expect next. After these quick flashes, there are slower beats in the music and the edits reflect that, with the slower fades in and out. At the end of my rough cut the music speeds up suddenly, so I sped up the clip of the girl and put it in reverse so mimic. I think this would be more effective if the girl in the frame was more active, so I will use girl 2 for this part in my film as she will be throwing her arms about and screaming.

All of the first clips are close-ups of different parts of the set, for example the teddy bear and a candle, because I wanted to introduce the characters slowly and I wanted it to make people question what the film was about without making it too obvious. In some parts I filmed her with branches in front of the camera to create shadows across her face and almost make it look like hands stretching out around her. I think too many close-ups were used of her eyes because it felt quite repetitive, so I will make sure to give more variety in my fashion film edits.

I really like how eery and spooky the music is, especially at the beginning because it builds up the tension. I like how it doesn’t flow smoothly because it makes the music sound unconnected and spontaneous. I also really like the variety in the music, with the different paces and beats because it means I can be more experimental with how I edit my film together to suit the music. I haven’t added in the music box sounds yet, but I will do that for my final film to suggest that the girls are just like the mystery man’s dolls or puppets.

I used the torch from my camera, which is very bright, and a reflector to bounce light onto my model; however this was just a fill light as I was predominantly using the candle as my model’s light source. I really liked how I used a silver reflector for the fill in light because it gave a very cold light which looked like moonlight. I also like the contrast of the warm candle light because it looks like she is using it for heat. I like that the candle light flickered because it created an eery and creepy atmosphere. I really like the close-up of the candle because it is visually beautiful, with the beaming rim of light, the wax dripping down and the flickering flame, but also because fire is associated with danger and death.

I am really happy with how the styling looked on camera. The eye contact lenses made the eyes jump out at you and the eye lashes emphasised how big, round and doll-like the eyes looked. The big voluminous hair, with the pretty ringlets made her look very girly and elegant. I am really happy with how the blue frilly dress looked because I wanted her to seem quite young and innocent, but in a subtle way, so I think the youthful night dress worked perfectly. You can’t see much of the background because the candle only lights up her face and things close by it; however it is still clear that she is in a forest because you can see brunches and leaves. I am happy with my choice of location because it makes her seem very alone and lost deep in a forgotten forest.

I am really excited and happy with how my film looks so far so I can’t wait to film more footage and put all the edits together!


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