Shooting Girl 2

Girl 2 Look
The look came out exactly how I had imagined it to! The corset fit her and I really like how the tutu looks like it is coming out of the coset, as it is it a dress. I was really happy with how the oversized bow looked because it was obviously a statement, but I don’t think it overshadowed the rest of the look. I really like how the material used on the bow mirrored the material used in the tutu because I felt it brought the whole look together. I love how the white underneath her eyes look because it makes them look so much bigger and doll-like! I am happy I decided not to do the black glitter lips with the black glitter bow because I think it would have looked way too overdone and fussy.

goth final fc
I updated my face chart for my goth makeup look because I thought that the look was very busy and so if I made my model have glittery lips too then it would look too fussy and overdone. I therefore decided to just give my model black matte lips.

IMG_3976              IMG_3978IMG_3979              IMG_3980

After I had spoken to my photography teacher, who gave me advice about what camera and lens to use, I spoke to the people in the photography hatch that hand out equipment. They suggested I used my own camera but then hired out a lens that was either 28mm or a 35mm because they have very wide apertures and would therefore let a lot of light in. I wasn’t trained on the lights that my photography teacher had suggested I used so they advised I used an LED light to bounce off my reflector. This light would still be very bright but it uses a battery pack so it is easier to take on location. They also gave me the fluid head tripod so that I could get very smooth movement with the camera.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 13.14.47
The image above is a screen shot one of the clips I took when filming Girl 2. I used one LDE light and a silver reflector to use as a fill light and then I used one candle as the main light source. I found that when the model was very close to the candle it looked really effective because it lit up her face clearly and gave a spooky flickering effect. However when she moved around she was lost in the dark a lot and when she moved around too much she would blow out the candle. I therefore thought it would be more effective if more than one candle was used.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 13.20.21
Above is another screenshot from my filming with Girl 2 and I was much happier with the lighting here. I still used an LED light and a silver reflector as a cool toned fill light to make it look like moonlight. I then used about four candles underneath the model to light her up which gave a much brighter effect and meant that she could move about and still be lit up. I like that only one candle is shown because I think it’s more realistic that she would have one candle in the forest; I doubt the man would have given her more! I really like that the light source is coming from beneath her because it makes the scene look more scary and sinister. I am really happy with how the lighting came out in this shoot because the model is lit up clearly and the footage is not as grainy as before. I think this is down to the lens letting more light in.

Model Acting Inspiration
I discussed with my model, before the shoot, what horror films she had watched and we found that we had both watched The Human Centipede which I thought was perfect! She said that she would imagine Dr. Heiter was the man that has kid napped her and that she was trying to escape from. The two screen shots of the film below are images of Dr. Heiter, the man that made the human centipede.
Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 15.46.28Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 15.46.52

The images below are how the girls in the film looked when they realised they had been drugged and trapped. They screamed and tried to escape. I told my model that this was how I wanted her to look. I wanted her to be screaming to try to get someone’s attention and I said to her that if she didn’t scream loud enough then she should imagine that the human centipede will happen to her! (Horrible I know..) I made a gif quickly online using the website so that my model could see it more in motion.

I was really happy with how the shoot went because my model really got into the character and her acting came across professional and believable on camera. I wanted her to be moving around and hysterically screaming throughout the fashion film so, following the shots on my story board, I took lots of clips of this from different angles and closeups. I am so excited to start editing these clips into my fashion film!

The Human Centipede, 2009. Directed by Tom Six. Six Entertainment


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