My GIF and How I Made It

I wanted to make a Gif of my film and I used PhotoShop to do so.

1. I clicked File>Import>Video Frames To Layers..
2. I wasn’t happy with how big my clip was so I selected Selected Range Only and I dragged the arrows to where I wanted my clip to start and end.
3. I ticked Limit To Every and typed in 3 because it is a long clip and I needed to take out enough layers so that I could upload it to my blog.
4. I then clicked OK.
Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 15.07.11
5. To make my timeline visible, so that I can preview my gif, I selected Windows>Timeline.
Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 15.13.03
6. I selected the first frame, held Shift and selected the last frame so that all the frames were selected.
Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 15.25.42
7. I clicked on the little arrow by the frame length on one of the frames and selected Other.
8. I then changed it to 0.1 to make my gif slightly slower.
Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 15.27.59
9. I went to File>Export>Save For The Web..
Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 15.17.43
10. My file size was 37.56m which is too big as it is supposed to be under 5, so I made it smaller by changing the width to 600.
11. I then pressed Save and named my file.
Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 15.21.46

My Gif
I am so happy with how this clip came out because of the lighting and the exaggerated model movement. I used an LED light and a silver reflector as a cool toned fill light to make it look like moonlight. I then used about four candles underneath the model to light her up which gave a much brighter effect and meant that she could move about and still be lit up. I like that only one candle is shown because I think it’s more realistic that she would have one candle in the forest; I doubt the man would have given her more! I really like that the light source is coming from beneath her because it makes the scene look more scary and sinister, creating dark and dramatic shadows. I am really happy with how the lighting came out in this shoot because the model is lit up clearly and the footage is not too grainy. My model really got into the character and her acting came across very professional and believable on camera. I wanted her to be moving around and hysterically screaming throughout the fashion film so, following the shots on my story board, I took lots of clips of this from different angles and closeups.


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