Continuity Assessment Practice

-Hair grips
-Clear elastics
-Tail comb
-Setting brush
-Highlight brush
-Foundation buffing brush
-Under eye stippling brush
-Round buffing brush
-Concealer brush
-Under eye powder brush
-Eyebrow brush
-Small concealer brush
-Pencil brush x2
-Blending brush
-Mac 217
-Small blending brush
-Detail brush
-Small angled brush
-Flat concealer brush
-Small angled brush
-Disposable mascara wands
-Contact lense solution
-Makeup wipes
-Supra colour
-White skin base
-Translucent powder
-Coralista blush
-Flushed brush
-Sleek palette with white in
-Top and bottom fake lashes
-Lash glue
-Contact lenses
-Bourjois light foundation
-Eye shadow primer
-Cotton buds
-Basic naked palette
-Nars concealer
-Black lip mix
-Foundation in fair olive

Step by step:
1. Apply the contact lenses.
2. Moisturise and prime the skin.
3. Apply an eye shadow primer to the eyelids.
4. Apply burgundy eye shadow all over lids and blend into the crease with a blending brush.
5. Apply some black into the crease and outer corner with a small blending brush.
6. Blend the two colours together with a dark brown eye shadow.
7. Smudge some black eye shadow along the upper lash line.
8. Use a small angled brush to apply dark brown eye shadow to eye brows.
9. Add a small amount of black to further define eye brows.
10. Use a small flat brush to apply concealer under the eye brows to clean and sharpen. Blend this out.
11. Apply a white eye shadow to the brow bone with a pencil brush.
12. Use a makeup wipe to remove any product fall out and to clean up the edges of the eye shadow.
13. Apply the foundation all over the face and neck with a buffing brush.
14. Apply a light concealer with a fluffy brush under the eyes in a triangle, down the nose, in the middle of the forehead, on the chin, on the cupids bow and under the cheek bone. Blend all this out.
15. Apply some loose translucent powder under the eyes with a fluffy brush to bake the makeup.
16. Apply mascara to the top lash line.
17. Apply the fake eye lashes on the upper lash line.
18. Using a kabuki brush, apply powder all over the face, removing the excess powder.
19.Apply white supra colour along the lower lash line and on the water line.
20. Trace along the white eye liner with black eye shadow on a small detail brush.
21. Blend this black colour out with a pencil brush and the burgundy eye shadow.
22.Apply some pink eye shadow to the apples of the cheeks with a round dense brush.
23. Layer this blush colour with the burgundy colour to intensify it.
24. Apply some fake lower lashes along the black line under the lower lash line.
25. Apply some black lip mix all over the lips with a small angled brush.
26.Part the hair in the middle and french plait both sides.
27. Pin the plaits up with hair grips to flatten them to the head.
28. Ask the model to hold the front of the wig and pull it backwards to secure it properly.
29. Brush the wig out and place the fringe how you want.
30. Place the bow on the left side of her head, on a slight angle, and secure it with hair grips.

I was a lot happier with how this makeup turned out this time compared to last time. I applied the wig and bow this time and I think the makeup looks less overdone when it’s balanced out with very dark hair. I made the eye brows look a lot softer this time. I used a brown eye shadow to fill them in and then went over with a bit of black to darken them slightly. I thought that the blush looked slightly blotchy last time, so this time I used a lighter blush first to determine where I wanted the blush and to act as a transition colour; this made the blush look more seamless. I did the foundation and concealer after I did the eyes, which I didn’t do last time, to make sure that the foundation was as flawless as possible. I used a dark brown colour in the crease to act as a transition colour for the black; I found that this made the eye shadows easier to blend together. I didn’t use the contact lenses in this look because they hadn’t arrived yet, but I will add the contacts in in my assessment.


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