The Male Antagonist Look

I don’t know how much of the mystery man I will show in my fashion film; however I know that I don’t want to show a lot of his face because I want people to be able to imagine him however they want. I want the audience to be able to imagine what he looks like so they can think of the man that they would be most scared of and use that, instead of me making up a character that some people may not find scary. I may show a side profile of the man’s look so I need to decide what I want his face to look like just incase.

I chose the man in the image above to be my model because he is very tall and strong, making him look more intimidating and forceful. He has wrinkles which I think will give his face more character and expression. His eye brows are very low down, creating a shadow over his eyes, making them look very dark and hidden, almost like he is trying to hide his identity. His teeth are quite yellow and uneven, giving him a more rough and aggressive look. I love that he has a moustache because many people associate that with being creepy and a pedophile and, possibly for that reason, it is not very common for men to have only a moustache.

I want the man to be wearing very relaxed clothing but I want him to look very bulky and masculine. I considered him wearing a very formal suit to make him look like a very important and controlling business man; however I thought that it would looked too staged and unrealistic because I can’t imagine that someone would go deep into a forest in their best suit. This made me think he should wear a big, warm coat so that he is as comfortable and location appropriate as possible in contrast to the girls wearing minimal clothing in a cold miserable forest.
IMG_4500 IMG_4501 IMG_4502


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