Practising my Girl 2 Makeup

IMG_3869 IMG_3870 IMG_3871
This is the first time practising this makeup look and I can see that I need to make some changes to improve it. The main thing that I need to change are the eyebrows; I want them to look very dark and prominent, but I think they look too harsh. I also don’t like that they are shiny because I used supra colour, I will therefore try using black aqua colour for the outline and then fill them in with black eyeshadow to hopefully give a slightly softer look. I am happy with the fake eyelashes that I used because they are very dramatic, however I need to make sure they are completely black and don’t get any other makeup on them, making them look messy. I found that the white supra colour I used under her lower lash line smudged very easily and blended with the eyeshadow; I will therefore use aqua colour to stop it from moving so easily. I will still use supra colour in the water line as I think it will be the most pigmented and I will set it with white eyeshadow for longevity. I need to remember to use a white eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eye to brighten the eye and also a white eyeshadow on the brow bone to lift the eyebrows. I am really happy with how the lips look in these images, however if I find they look too flat on camera then I will add a bit of shine to the centre to give them more dimension. I think that the cheeks look slightly messy and as if she has a rash, so I think I will use a denser round brush to keep the colour very precise and I will need to make sure to just apply this exactly on the apples of the cheeks.


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