Girl 3 – Makeup

My Model
My model has ginger hair and she will be wearing a bright blue dress so I didn’t want the makeup to be too colourful or overpowering. I love the shape of my model’s lips as they are very plump with a rounded cupids bow, so I think I will make these a main feature in the look.

I knew I wanted Girl 3 to be dressed in a very 70s hippie style dress as I thought this was another stereotype that would be fun to include in my fashion film. I decided to decide on the clothing first because in the 70s women would dress in very bold and dramatic clothing; however they would keep their makeup quite subtle and simple.
Janice Dickenson was a very famous high fashion model in the 70s and so I thought I would take inspiration for the makeup from her. However I also wanted to incorporate some Victorian style elements in the makeup design as I had already added subtle references to the victorians in my other two girls. I have included victorian references because I was originally inspired by victorian porcelain dolls. The makeup images I took inspiration from are below.

The images below are of Queen Victoria. The makeup in the victorian era was very subtle and natural. The skin was kept quite pale, to show their wealth, and the only colour given to the face was a rosy pink blush. There was no contouring involved and no bronzing as it was not fashionable to have a warm and bronzed complexion. The eyebrows were kept very soft and light and the eye makeup was very natural looking, possible with a very light coat of mascara to the lashes. The lips were a very natural rosy to pink shade to match the blush, but a strong lip line was not used.
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queen 1
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These images all show Janice Dickinson when she modelled in the 1970s. I chose two images where the eyes are not a major feature as I wanted to take that aspect of the makeup from the victorian era. The eyebrows were a lot more bold in the 70s and contouring was fashionable to sculpt the face. I love that Janice’s lips are the dominant feature in these images, especially the image on the left where she is wearing a brown lipstick. My model is wearing a blue dress, so maybe a brown lipstick would work well to not clash and to show the more neutral 70s makeup.
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My Face Charts
In all these face charts I have coloured the eyes in brown/hazel because I will be giving my model these coloured contacts to emphasis the size of her eyes. 

I kept the eyes very simple and neutral in this design, only smudging brown eyeliner around the eyes, because I wanted the focus to be on the lips and I wanted the eyes to look very subtle, like the victorians did, but I still wanted the eyes to have some definition to show up on camera. I didn’t add as dramatic eye lashes as I did for the other two girls because I want the hippie character to be slightly more natural looking. I filled in her waterline with white eyeliner to open up her eyes; however I don’t think this is dramatic enough to show up on camera effectively. I kept the eyebrows very light to reflect the very natural looking eyebrows of the victorian era. I added some pink blush to the apples of the cheeks to, again, reflect the fashion in the victorian era, as they always wore blush and never contoured or bronzed their skin. I also added some of this pink to the bridge of the nose as in some images of Queen Victoria her nose looks very flushed. I added a very bold, brown lip to this look to bring in the 70s aspect of the look. I love the dark lip that Janice Dickinson wore in one of my research images and so had to pull inspiration from that. I am really happy with the look; however I want it to be more heavily inspired by the 70s and I think the pink blush would clash with the blue dress.

k This look is also very inspired by the victorian era, with the very light and natural eyebrows and the subtle eye makeup. I decided to add dramatic eyelashes to this look as I wasn’t using any eye shadow; however I think that the eyes might get washed out and may look flat if there is no dimension added to them. I added a bright pink blush to the apples of the cheeks as this was the fashion in the victorian era and it would make her cheeks look more round and doll-like. I then added a natural colour to the lips as the victorians liked to make it look like they weren’t wearing any makeup; however I gave the lips a very strong outline to make it look slightly more modern. I think this look would look pretty in close-up shots, but I think it will get lost in wider shots and I simply don’t think it’s interesting enough.

Chosen Face Chart
This is my chosen face chart because I like that it incorporates both victorian and 70s aspects to create something slightly abstract looking. I kept the eyebrows very soft and natural because I wanted the lip to be the main feature and I didn’t want the hippie character to have a very strong look; the eyebrows were inspired by the images of Queen Victoria above. I wanted to add some definition to the eyes, but I didn’t want them to over power the eyes, so I decided on a shimmery gold shade to go all round the eyes and blended into the crease. I added a slightly darker gold to the outer corner just to add subtle definition. I think this will give a pretty sheen and sparkle to the eyes in certain lights and it is very neutral and light, just like the 70s and victorian era liked to achieve. I will add fake eyelashes on the top and bottom lash line to make the eyes ‘pop’ more on camera. I added some white eyeliner in the water line and just below to make the eyes look bigger; I will then add the lower lashes along that line to make it look like the lower lash line is further down. I really like how this instantly opens up the eyes and makes them look more round and doll-like. I added some bronze coloured blush to the apples of the cheeks because I wanted to keep the look very neutral and bronzy. I thought by adding a pink blush it might clash with the blue dress and it would give the look less of a 70s feel. The positioning of the blush was inspired by the victorian era, just on the apples of the cheeks, which will give my model fuller looking, more round cheeks. I added a very bold, brown lip as I was so inspired by the brown lip Janice Dickinson is wearing in my research images. I like that it adds a very modern twist to the look and how it doesn’t add any colour which may clash with the bright blue dress. I really like this look and can’t wait to try it out!


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