Girl 3 – Hair and Styling

I wanted the hair to be very relaxed and free for this character because I want her to be standing underneath a tree, with her hands tied above her, struggling to break free and I want her to be swaying her hair all over the place. I therefore don’t want her hair to be tied up or restrained too much. I want to give this character messy be achy waves because I always think of this hair style when I think of hippies and their relaxed and happy out look on life. The majority of the images I researched had girls wearing either plaits or some other material wrapped round her forehead, however I think this might fall out when I get my model to shake her hair around. I like the idea of putting feathers in her hair because it would mean she’d still be able to throw her hair around, but it would add some interest and colour to her hair.

hippie look
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Hair Charts
I only did two hair charts because I had a very good idea of how I wanted the hair to look and when I got to hair chart two I knew that that was what I wanted.
I kept my first hair chart very simple with the hair put into loose curls and then back combed to give a messy and more chaotic look. My model has ginger hair so I didn’t feel I needed to add any more colour to the look but I wanted it to be more interesting than just completely down, so I added some french plaits at the front of her hair. This added a pretty detail without restricting her hair movement at all.

This is my chosen hair chart. I kept the hair completely down in loose waves. I decided to back comb it a lot to give it more volume and to give it a more messy look. I was then inspired by the image above to add some feather hair extensions in her hair. I don’t want to use loads, but I just want them to be very randomly looking and not too over whelming. I think this will add a fun, bohemian vibe to the hair look and the feather will add to the chaotic movements that my model will be doing.

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I want the styling to be very light and free feeling. I want there to be a lot of material for my model to be able to throw around and show hectic movement in. I want there to be a contrast between how laid back and feminine her dress is and how chaotic and determined she is in her movement and self expression. I want the dress to have a pretty pattern and possibly look old fashioned to give a more vintage, doll-like look.

I was inspired by some of the styling from the film The Tripper, directed by David Arquette, because it is about a group of hippies that go to a music festival and find themselves being attacked by a mystery killer. All their styling is very relaxed, with bright colours and fun patterns, which inspired me to include the same. I was particularly inspired by Samantha’s styling because she wore a long floaty skirt, with loose layers and her hair was naturally waved, giving her a very laid back and free look. I want my hippie character to look like she was at a music festival when she got kidnapped, so this very floaty and colourful styling works well and looks realistic.
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IMG_1641 IMG_1642
I found these two dresses in my grandma’s wardrobe and thought that they looked very hippie like. I like the pink one because it is really light and flowy, with a pretty pattern on it, but also because the top of the dress looks victorian. I have incorporated a bit of victorian in all my dolls and so I think this would work really well. However the top of the dress may look too restricting and formal for the more relaxed, slightly bohemian look I was going for. I really like how the blue dress has very big, floaty sleeves because it will give a lot of movement when my model is throwing her arms around. I also like that it is very open at the neck because it looks very pretty and feminine, but also very freeing and light. The flowery pattern is very hippie-like and abstract looking. I like that the whole dress is very loose and floaty, but that the waist is still being pulled in because it will give a more flattering look to my model’s figure. I think I will choose to use the blue dress as I think it will move really well and go with her ginger hair to give a very bright, colourful look.


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