How to: Hollywood Hair

-Heated rollers
-Roller pins
-Pin tail comb
-Paddle brush

Step by step:
1. Create brick work pattern with rollers, starting from just in front of the ears, around the crown of the head. Push ends round with a pintail comb to make the ends curl. Push the hair forwards while putting the roller in so that it lies on the section of hair and not in any partings.
2. Once each roller is down and tight, secure them by pushing the flat end of the pin against the head, over the roller.
3. Stop putting the brick work in lines when you get to the bump on the back of the head, put a line of rollers down the back of the head only.
4. Put the rollers in vertically, with the hair curling towards to the face, either side of the line of rollers on the back of the head. Put the blue rollers in the bottom of the hair if necessary.
5. Curl the section just above the ears facing towards the face and curl the section in front and slightly above the ears forwards too, both vertically.
Put the top section of hair in the parting that you want (most commonly side parting) and put the rollers in, rolling the hair away from the parting.
IMG_3640 IMG_3641 IMG_3642
6. Let the hair cool fully and then take the rollers out.
7. Brush the hair on top of each section and below to make it as smooth as possible. Keep gathering more hair together and smoothing the hair out to create soft waves and a curve round the face.
8. Use your fingers to smooth out any static hair caused by brushing it out too much.
9. Back comb the hair slightly underneath to give it more volume, but keep the top layer very smooth.
IMG_3647 IMG_3648 IMG_3649

I was really happy with how the hair came out; however one side of my hair style was a lot curlier and more manageable than the other and I think this was because I didn’t let the less curly side cool down enough and therefore the hair didn’t set into the curls properly. I would definitely make sure to let the hair fully cool down and set before using rollers again. I really like the shape that was created around the face and the curl on the right side of her face because it is very defined, but still soft. I also really like how the back combing gave the hair some lift.


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