Girl 1 – Step by Step


-disposability mascara wands
-eye brow colour
-small angled brush
-lip brush
-eye shadow primer
-loose translucent powder
-fluffy brush
-colourful sleek eye shadow palette
-fluffy brush
-crease brush
-white eye shadow
-pencil brush
-White supra colour
-small detail brush X2
-blue eye contacts
-top fake eye lashes
-lower fake eye lashes
-beauty blender
-kabuki brush
-bright pink blush
-dense blush brush
-highlighter brush
-glitter glue
-brown supra colour
-cocktail stick
-dark pink lip liner
-lip brush
-baby pink lip stick

Step by step:
1. Cleanse and moisturise the face to make sure it is clean and ready for makeup application.
2. Brush through the eye brows and add a light brown colour to the sparse areas with an angled brush.
3. Apply concealer under the eye brows with a lip brush.
4. Apply some eye shadow primer all over the eye lids and along the lower lash line.
5. Set the primer with some translucent powder to make eye shadow on top easier to blend.
6. Apply some light blue eye shadow all over the kids and blend it into the crease with a fluffy brush.
7. Add some darker blue into the crease with a fluffy crease brush. Keep adding this colour until you get the desired intensity.
8. Add some white eye shadow along the brow bone with a pencil brush.
9. Apply some dark purple along the upper lash line and wing it out at the corners with a small detail brush.
10. Apply the model’s bright blue contacts.
11. Apply white supra colour along the lower lash line and in the water line with a small detail brush.
12. Set the white supra colour with white eye shadow.
13. Apply some dark purple eye shadow in a line below the White supra colour to act as a new lower lash line. Do this with a detail brush.
14. Apply some pink eyeshadow under neath the purple to blend it out with a pencil brush.
15. Apply some mascara to the top eye lashes only.
16. Apply some fake eye lashes to the upper lash line and apply some lower fake lashes along the purple line under under her eyes. Use duo lash glue and tweezers for easier application.
17. Apply some foundation all over her face, blending it down the beck and onto the ears, with a damp beauty blender.
18. Apply some lighter concealer under the eyes in a triangle shape, in the centre of the forehead, down the nose, on the Cupid’s bow and on the chin.
19. Blend this concealer out with a fluffy brush.
20. Apply a thick layer of loose translucent powder under the eyes with a beauty blender to set the makeup.
21. Apply powder all over the rest of th face with a kabuki brush, then brush away the excess powder under the eyes with a fluffy brush.
22. Apply some bright pink blush to the apples of the cheeks, in a circular shape, with a dense blush brush.
23. Apply some highlighter to the tops of her cheek bones, on the centre of the forehead, down the nose and on the Cupid’s bow with a highlighter brush.
24. Add some glitter glue to the tops of the cheek bones and then dab some glitter over the top.
25. Using a cocktail stick, gently dot brown supra colour over her nose to look like freckles.
26. Use a dark pink lip liner to outline where you want the outline of the lips to be. I made these the same height but a lot narrower.
27. Use a lip brush to fill the lip liner in with a baby pink lip stick.



-pin tail comb
-hair elastics
-hair grips
-paddle brush
-hair spray
-curling tongs
-big white flower
-small flowers

Step by step:
1. Section off an inch of hair above both ears, going backwards.
2. Plait these two sections into French plaits and continue to a normal plait when the French plait ends, about two inches behind the ear.
3. Back comb the middle section in strips of hair, from front to back. Continue to do this until you reach the crown of the head.
4. Lightly brush the very top layer of hair and smooth and shape it into a big bee hive. Secure the back of this bee hive with hair grips.
5. Curl the back section of her hair with small curling tongs. Apply hair spray to the curls to set them in place.
6. Wrap the two plaits over each other towards the middle, to frame the bottom of the bee hive. Secure the plaits with hair grips.
7. Add a white flower to the centre of the back plaits for decoration, but also to hide the hair grips securing the back of the bee hive and plaits.
8. Apply some small flowers randomly all over the bee hive and hair spray them in position.

Ask the model to change into her blue night dress. I asked the model to keep wearing her necklace as I felt it added to the pretty and girly look.

I was so happy with how my model’s makeup, hair and outfit all came together! I love how using the blue contacts and the technique of giving her a new lower lash line has made her eyes look a lot bigger and more doll-like. I used very full eyelashes so that the eyes really stood out and didn’t get lost in the dark lighting. I really like how the lips are so bright and how I have made them look more narrow and therefore more doll-like and pouty. The glue I used on the cheeks made the foundation underneath look a bit darker which I didn’t like; however when the light is on the glitter you can’t see the darker glue as the glitter shines so brightly. I think the hair looks really pretty and extravagant and girly, with the pretty flowers and feminine curls. The back combed bee hive isn’t exactly even. I said in my hair chart that I didn’t want the hair to look really neat; however I don’t think I like how each side of the bee hive aren’t even as it just looks like a mistake. If I film this again, I may rectify this and, instead, add more fly aways to give it a messy look. I was really happy with how the nightie looked because the blue colour linked in with her blue eyeshadow and blue eye contacts and the flowy material and white lace made it looks very girly, pretty and youthful.


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