My First Filming Experiments – Shooting Girl 1

I decided to experiment with filming in my chosen location with Girl 1, as I had already designed her full look. After researching how to shoot my film, I decided to use my iPhone torch and a silver reflector, to represent the moonlight, to light up my subject. I will also experiment with using a candle as a light source.

My Model’s Look
IMG_9705 IMG_9706 IMG_9719

My Model Acting Inspiration
I showed my model the gif below from Jurassic Park (1993) of actress Ariana Richards in the famous scene where she has just spotted a massive dinosaur’s shadow approaching them and she is holding a spoon of jelly that is shaking. The girl in the film was so terrified that she couldn’t move so she just starred into the distance, with her eyes wide open, and stayed very still. This is what I asked my model to do in my film; however she found it difficult to do as she hadn’t had any acting training before. I tried to help by showing her what I would do if I was the model, which I think helped, and overall I am happy with the footage I got. Both my other model have had acting and dance training so I am more confident that they will perform their parts confidently.
BREWINGCUPPA, 2015. 17 Facts About Jurassic Park That You Don’t Know. In: Brewing Cuppa. 12 June 2015 [29 October 2015]. Available from:

The Filming
I couldn’t upload the actual video footage to my blog, so I took some screenshots of my footage to show how the images came out.

Lighting Set Up 1
Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 13.43.36 Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 13.45.19
The images above show how the lighting came out when I shined my iPhone torch onto a silver reflector so that it bounced off and hit my model. This light was brighter the closer the light and reflector were to the model; however the quality of the image was still not great and had noise. I asked my assistant to shake the torch very quickly to give a flickering effect as I wanted to make it look like either the trees above were causing the moonlight to flicker or she was being light up by candle light. I think this effect worked really well and I think it adds a spookier feel. I like that the silver reflector made the image look very cool because it made the scene look colder and more lonely. I am happy with the lighting, but I really want it to look more professional, with a clearer image.

Lighting Set Up 2
Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 13.43.58 Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 13.44.01 Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 13.44.21
I used only a candle as a light source for these shots. I love how the candle creates a natural flickering of light because it makes it look very spooky and eery. The candle makes the scene very warm which give it more of a cosy feel, which I’m not sure I like; however it could also show that she is so cold that she is using the candle for warmth. The close-up shots are better quality than the shots further away because the light is so much closer to the face. However when the candle is further away from the model, there is some noise and fuzziness which I think adds to the eeriness. I think it looks so effective when the candle is shown because it looks so magical and it glows so brightly with a diffused halo of light. I will definitely experiment with using a candle for the rest of my film as it adds a spooky look, but I think I also need to add artificial light to make it have better quality.

I will talk to my photography teacher to discuss ways in which I can improve the quality of my film so that I can have the same lighting effect, but just with less noise and fuzziness.


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