My 1-1 with my Photography Teacher

I showed my photography teacher, Chris, my film footage and he said he really liked the atmosphere that was created and the lighting; however he agreed that the quality of the footage could be improved to give it a more professional look. He suggested using big artificial lights but he said that I wouldn’t be able to take them into a forrest because they would need a power source. He therefore suggested that I either changed my film setting to somewhere inside with a power socket, or I should film it in someone’s garden and then use a really long extension lead to get the power into the garden. Thankfully I have a wood surrounding my garden at home so I would be able to use that to give a ‘deep in the forrest’ feel. He said that I should use these external lights and then use a gold reflector to give the warm, candle lit, look. He said that I could move the reflector slightly, very quickly, to give the same flickering effect as a candle would.

Another thing he suggested using was a DSLR fluid head tripod to make my filming a lot smoother. This would mean that I would be able to move the camera up and down, or side to side, without it being shaky or uneven, giving a more professional look.


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