Creating Girl 2 – Hair and Styling


The model I am using has naturally light brown hair which I don’t think will look dramatic or dark enough for the character I want to create. I will therefore use a wig to give my model straight black hair. The majority of dolls I researched had very harsh fringe cut in so I want that look too. This will also make her face look more round and therefore more doll-like.
VAN SLYKE, R., 2014. Halloween. In: Pinterest. 2014 [29 October 2015]. Available from:

HAYASHI, W., 2014. Picture of Wylona Hayashi. In: Listal. 11 June 2014 [24 October 2015]. Available from:

These are the two images I am using for hair inspiration. I was inspired by the very harsh and straight fringe on the girl on the left because I think it almost adds a cartoon, fake feature to the look and it will make her face look rounder. The model’s hair is curled in this photo which I think looks pretty, however I think I will make my model’s hair pin straight to give a more harsh and severe look. I am then taking inspiration from the girl on the right because I love her oversized bow! I really like how it has been kept very gothic and grungy with the black colour and sharp studs, but how the bow shape is very doll-like. I will definitely look into using one of these for my character’s hair. If I use a black wig on my model, I will have to make her eyebrows look a lot darker and more defined to balance it out.

white and black hair
QUREISHI, S., 2015. 15+ Halloween Witch Makeup Ideas & Styles For Girls 2015. In: Modern Fashion Blog. 15 August 2015 [29 October 2015]. Available from:

I came across this image of a girl wearing very dark gothic makeup, but then with half her hair black and half her hair white. It stood out to me because the black and white hair alternated in blocks so it wasn’t just all black on one side and all white on the other. I really like the contrast between the dark makeup and a light hair because it makes the look very striking and powerful; however I think I will stick with using a black wig to keep the whole look very dark and mysterious.

Hair Charts
All my hair charts are very similar for this character because I was very sure of the look that I wanted; however I wasn’t completely sure on the length of the fringe or the positioning of the bow. I will be using a black wig for this character, but I am hoping to get a heat resistant one so that I can style it to be pin straight like I want it. I haven’t decided exactly what material I want the bow to be yet, but I will decide after I have selected the outfit as I want it to match.

My first hair chart shows very pin straight hair with a harsh fringe that stops just above the eyebrows. I was inspired by the image of the girl with the dark hair above because the fringe made the face look rounder and more doll-like, but the strength of the eyebrows were still there to give a strong and powerful look. This is a very modern way to wear your fringe so it would also add a modern twist. I positioned the oversized bow in the centre of her head and kept it very straight; I think this looks too perfect and too static for this character because she will be screaming and crying out so this very straight bow would not suit her hectic character.

In my second hair chart I kept the hair very straight again and I kept it down. I gave her a longer fringe in this design, that comes over her eyebrows, because I think this fringe is more accurate to the victorian porcelain dolls fringes. This fringe would make the face shape look rounder and therefore more doll-like; however it wouldn’t show the eyebrows which I think could lose some strength in the makeup look. The eyebrows are a very dominant feature on someone’s face and so I think it’s important to keep them visible in the look as I want this character to look very strong and fierce. I placed this bow to one side and on a slight angle to give it a more relaxed look and I much prefer it to the very straight bow; the placement is a lot more fun and cute looking.

This is my chosen hair chart. I kept the hair very straight and neatly brushed, with it fully down and then I made the fringe shorter, stopping just before the eyebrows. As explained above, I want to keep the eyebrows in the makeup look because I think it will give a stronger and more defined look. I will make the eyebrows black to match the hair colour which I think will look very striking. I have also decided to place the bow on one side and at an angle to give a more fun and playful look and to make it look less static.

Making my Bow
I decided to make my own bow so that it looked exactly how I wanted, with the right size and material used. I will take inspiration from the YouTube video I found below to help me.

LOMASENG, R., 2014. DIY| Giant Bow Headband [29 October 2015]. Available from:

I followed the YouTube tutorial when making my bow, but I added extra material on top to give it a different texture. I first used a stiffer material for the base of the bow, just like she did in the tutorial. I folded the black material in half to the size I wanted, sewed all round the edges leaving  a small hole and then pulled the material through the hole to give a cushion like shape. I then used black thread to gather the centre of the square shape. I added some thin mesh material on top, gathered the middle to make a bow shape and then laid it on top of the bow. I finally added some elastic to keep it in place and cover the thread.  I am really happy with how it came out because it looked very professionally done and the mesh gave it more of a fun texture and shape.

I want this character to look like she was kidnapped when she was out on a night out, so I want her to be very dressed up, in contrast to the more relaxed look of Girl 1. I wanted the styling for this to character to have a slightly victorian theme because I was originally inspired by porcelain victorian dolls and I don’t think the makeup or hair is particularly victorian. I first looked at some all black dresses that I thought would be suitable, however I thought they all looked a bit mature for my younger character. 
LINDA, 2012. Gothic Victorian Fashion and Clothing. In: Devil Inspired. 10 December 2012 [29 October 2015]. Available from:

gothic dress
WACHIRA, J., 2013. How To Choose A Goth Prom Dress. In: Rebel’s Market. 28 October 2013 [29 October 2015]. Available from:

I was inspired by the image below of a tutu and corset because the corset would add the structured victorian element to the look and then the tutu would add the more doll-like, girly, youthful element to the look. This character is going to be sat and tied up in a ditch so I think the tutu will look really effective if it is spread out all around her. I don’t want to push my model’s boobs up in the corset because my model is still young and I don’t want her to look too slutty or inappropriate.
CORSET STORY, 2015. Fashion Corset [29 October 2015]. Available from:

I ordered the corset off Ebay and I ordered the tutu off Claire’s and I’m really happy with both of them.


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