Creating Girl 2 – Makeup

My Model

This is the model I will be using for Girl 3. I have decided that she will be the gothic looking character, wearing very dark and mysterious looking makeup and styling; she will be the girl that is screaming out for help. I chose this model because she has very full lips, with a defined cupid’s bow  which would be perfect to colour the lips in all one colour. She also has very full cheeks and an overall quite round shaped face which it was the porcelain china dolls were like. I was also interested in her Chinese shaped eyes as they draw attention and add a different look to this character. I chose this model to be the goth as she has very strong and defined eyebrows so I think she will be able to pull off a black wig.

Goth Doll Moodboard
I made a mood board with lots of different images that I found that stood out to me and gave me inspiration. All the eyes are very dark and smokey and sexy which I like and I live how I can be creative with the lips. I am planning on taking inspiration from different aspects of each look to create my own unique look.

My Face Charts
My model has naturally very light blue/grey eyes but I wanted a more sexy, dark look so I bought my model some brown contacts to wear. 
My first face chart looks very messy and smudgy, however this is not how it would look like in real life. I made her eyebrows black and very defined to give her a very strong look. I decided to put black all over the lid and blended into the crease for definition. I smoked this black colour out with a burgundy eye shadow to add some colour; I used this same burgundy colour on the apples of the cheeks to make the cheeks look rounded. I put black along the lower lash line and then smoked it out with the burgundy to mimic the top colouring; however to make the eyes look bigger I added a bright white colour in the water line. I contoured the cheeks with a bit of grey eyeshadow because I wanted to make the cheeks look more defined, but I didn’t want to add any warmth to the look. I like that the contour would give more definition, but looking back at it, it will slim her face down which is not what I want as dolls usually have very round faces will full looking cheeks. I used a matte black all over the lips; however I think if I did this the lips would look too flat and lifeless. I think that the very heavy eyes and very dark lips would look too much and slightly clown like; especially with the black wig and outfit. I therefore don’t want to use this makeup look for my fashion film character.

I really like the lips in this face chart because the ombre of black and burgundy will make her lips look fuller and it adds a subtle amount of colour to the look. I like that I added burgundy glitter to the centre of the lips because it looks fun and will emphasise the plumpness of her lips. I contoured the cheekbones very lightly to give her some definition and didn’t add any blush colour. I think if I wasn’t doing a look related to dolls then I would definitely always contour, however because I want my model’s face to look very plump and doll-like I will only use blush on my final look. I really like how I have just smudged black eye liner around the eyes because it makes them look really defined but not too heavy. In this look I decided to create a new lash line to make her eyes look bigger and more round.

Chosen Face Chart
I chose to use this face chart because I have made the makeup look very dark and sexy, but I still have doll aspects to the look. I didn’t contour the face at all, but instead just added a deep burgundy blush to the apples of her cheeks to make them look more round and doll-like. My model has very naturally full lips with rounded cupids bows so I decided to make the lips completely black to show off her plump lips. To keep them from looking flat and to add some fun I added some black glitter to the lips. I think I will just add this to the centre of her lips to make them look bigger; however if this look strange then I will add it to the whole lips. I didn’t want to make the eyes too heavy so I just added some smudged eyeliner around the eyes and smoked the top and bottom lash line with a burgundy shade. I added this burgundy colour all over the lids as a pop of colour when she looks down. I blended a bit of black into the crease to give her some slight definition. I kept the eyebrows black and defined to give her makeup a strong and clean cut look.


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