Choosing my Music

I felt like after getting more of an idea of what I wanted my fashion film to be about, I needed to choose the right music. I wanted to find music that was broken up and wasn’t continuously playing. I was initially inspired by the song used in the opening scene of Woman In Black (2012) because it sounded like the music you would have in a dolls house or a musical jewellery box. The sound of a music box is used a lot in horror films, making people associate the sound with danger and tension. I like that it almost sounds innocent and child-like, but that people automatically know something bad is about to happen when they hear it. This inspired me to think of the three girls in the forrest more as puppets or dolls being controlled constantly by the man. I think this adds a really strong message that girls should never just let men control them.

MOVIECLIPS TRAILORS, 2012. The Woman in Black – Opening Scene – Daniel Radcliffe Movie (2012) HD [28 October 2015]. Available from:

I found the song Dramatic Story Telling Music created by YouTuber, Nutsie III which reminded me of The Woman In Black song because of the same music box tune. I really like that it has the music box element but then it has more dramatic sections because I can imagine zooming in on one of the girl’s faces, fading in and out in time with the music; however I feel like the song is quite repetitive so I don’t think I would want to use this whole song throughout my film; I would like to incorporate the creepy music box element with another song to make it more interesting and varied. I may add this music at the very beginning of my film when I introduce the girls to give the viewer a hint that these girls are being treated as dolls, but then fade into the more dramatic music shown above.

NUTSIE III, 2013. Dramatic Story Telling Music [28 October 2015]. Available from:

I wanted to find a song that incorporated both the music box element, but also a more dramatic song. I automatically thought of the Dead Silence soundtrack. It starts off very slow, with just the music box playing, but then slowly builds up the tension to a louder, more intense song. I love that the song changes throughout, keeping it from being repetitive and boring. I considered using this song for my fashion film, however I felt that because it was so well known, the song would just remind my viewers of that film and it will distract them from the film. I therefore decided to have a look around for a song similar to this, that people wouldn’t recognise. The Dead Silence soundtrack is played between 0-1″13′.

HOFFMAN, T., 2013. Top 10 Horror Movie Soundtrack [28 October 2015]. Available from:

I found the song Rising From The Depth by Sub Pub Music and I chose the 2014 Epic Dark Sinister Hybrid Industrial Suspense. This song does not include the music box element; however I could add it in over the top of certain sections so that it is less obviously all about dolls. I really liked how the music started off very eery and how it built up to get louder, that sounded like the wind. I then like how it kept starting and stopping as I feel like that would put the viewer more on edge because it’s not obvious what’s going to happen next which is also what I want to reflect with my content. I think the overall song definitely sounds scary and sinister which is exactly what I wanted.

WARRIOR FROM HEAVEN, 2014. Colossal Trailer Music – Rising From The Depth (2014 Epic Dark Sinister Hybrid Industrial Suspence [28 October 2015]. Available from:


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