Importance of Sound

I knew that sound was a very important feature in a film so I decided to first watch a fashion film without sound and then with sound and discuss the differences I found. I decided on watching A Beautiful Darkness by Ruth Hogben and Gareth Pugh.

The block red colour at the beginning could represent death and blood or fire and power. The film consists of people dressed up in very abstract and over the top costumes in a mountainous location. The colour scheme seems to be red, black and white, with all the fashion being very harsh with the bold blacks and reds and then the setting being a much softer cream. I really liked how much the fashion stood out from the background. I think that the above shot of the star wandering round aimlessly could represent confusion and a sense of loss of identity or self belief. I think that the music would be very strong, but very broken up because there are strobing edits and shaking of clips which makes me think the music would have the same very striking and edgy feel. I think that the song would also be quite quirky and fun because the outfits are so crazy and bright. It was difficult to tell what the mood of the film was like because all the model’s faces are covered so you can’t see their facial expressions. I think the message of the film could possibly be that you should never lose your identity or hide behind fashion because it could separate you from your true self which will make you feel very lost and alone.

When I listened to the fashion film with music, it was not what I expected. It was very minimalist and quiet at the start when I thought it would have had stronger beats to balance out the strong edits and movements. The music was very broken up which is what I expected as it gave the film a more edgy and disjointed feel. The film has very eery music, with whistles and chimes, making it feel more creepy and spooky than I first thought. At 1:22 the music becomes more lively and I love how the music is synched with the film edits to make it feel very punchy and strong. The ticking music almost reminds me of an insect noise which makes me think of the people more as irrelevant and ignored insects.

After looking at this fashion film without sound and then with sound, it made me realise how just the sound track can completely change the atmosphere and mood of the film. I initially thought that the music would be very strong, with sharp beats, but it was actually very subtle, with only some stronger sections.

HOGBEN, G.; PUGH, G., 2015. A Beautiful Darkness: Ruth Hogben / Gareth Pugh [25 October 2015]. Available from:


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