The Chase, by Jennifer Massaux – Editing and Lighting Inspiration

Whilst I was watching many different fashion films on ShowStudio I came across The Chase, by artist Kukula and director Jennifer Massaux and it really stood out to me and I was instantly inspired by certain aspects of the film to incorporate into my own.

SHOWSTUDIO, 2015. The Chase – Kukula/Jennifer Massaux [24 October 2015]. Available from:

What Inspired Me?
I love the use of smoke around the title because it already sets a very eery tone to the fashion film. I also like how the title of the film is included because then the title will be more memorable and be in the viewer’s brain when watching it. I love how blurring and camera focus is played around with in this film because it, again, adds a very eery and creepy effect. The blurring forces the viewer either focus on the thing in focus or to try to work out what isn’t in focus or blurred. I adds a sense of confusion and mystery. It looks like layering has been used in some shots which, again, makes the images more difficult to work out or understand. I like that this film isn’t very obvious and that you have to think deeper into it to work out the meaning or message. I want my film to be like this, in the way that it isn’t obvious what it is about.

I really like that the lighting is kept very dark throughout but that certain aspects are put into light to draw the audience’s attention. I like that the first scene is lit by candle light because fire represents energy, power and authority. I want to include all these things in my fashion film so maybe I could like up the forrest with candles? it would add a sense of danger and the flickering of the light would definitely make the forrest look creepy and scary. The flickering light might give the impression that the branches of the trees are moving, bringing the forrest to life.

The music used isn’t very dramatic, with respect to it being loud and intense, but it’s  irregularity and strong wind noises made it more scary because it almost felt hypnotic and unworldly; the wind noises also made it feel more cold and eery. I really like how the shots don’t just keep changing straight to each other, but that transitions have been used; sometimes it was fade into black and then change shot, or it would fade to white instead in-between shots. I thought this was effective because then when the scenes did suddenly change with no transition it would feel very quick and panicky.


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