My Lecturer, Pascal Matthias’, Tips on Making your Own Fashion Film

I wanted to keep a note of all the tips  and notes my Lecturer, Pascal, gave to us so that I could come back and reflect on them and have them all in one place. I have listed his tips down below:

-Always self evaluate and reflect on your work
-Use 1-1s for personal advice and help on your work
-If there is no opposition or conflict in your film, then it could be boring. Any story needs these things to make them interesting and exciting.
-Try not to make the story too obvious, try to make the audience think and be able to interpret it in different ways, i.e. make it ambiguous.
-Make sure you set the right tone with your music and editing, as these can make a massive difference.
-Make your fashion film memorable; whether that means making it shocking and dramatic or comical etc.
-There needs to be a problem; the problem could be the message or the moral.
-The problem in your film does not have to be resolved, but left for the viewer to decide and think for themselves by leaving it on a cliff hanger.
-Shoot your film in HD 1080
-250 is the upload size
-Film more footage than you think you need, incase you’re not happy with the footage or want to extend it.
-Hold the ending position of a clip for longer than needed, again, incase you want to extend the clip.
-Look into the angles used when shooting each character as it can change their status.
-Don’t necessarily show every detail e.g. the character’s faces, their every move etc. so that the audience can interpret different things and have questions.


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