Initial Ideas for Doll Makeup

When I first think of dolls I think of painted china dolls and then I think of them as porcelain victorian dolls with the big beautiful dresses, big blue eyes and curled voluminous hair. I initially thought of taking an aspect of a doll and translating each aspect into each girls, so they’d all look different. Below are images I took of porcelain victorian dolls I had at home. I assumed that they all had big blue eyes, but intact they all have different, for example blue, green and brown. This inspired me to give each of my girls different coloured eyes to suit their character.

IMG_9174 IMG_9175 IMG_9177 IMG_9180

However when I then started looking more into the high fashion doll makeup, I started to find more interesting and avant-garde looks that I think would look much more effective and abstract. I found many different looking doll makeup looks, with different colouring and styling etc. I first thought that I would make all the dolls look vaguely the same and only change certain aspects of them; however now I have decided to not only give them different personalities but for their personalities to be shown through the styling.

I want each girl to look like a doll with their makeup and styling, but to each look very different. I decided I wanted them all to be stereotypes of girls so I think I want one to be a goth, one to be a girly girl/baby and then one to be more of an old fashioned pin up. I think this would allow me to be very creative with each look and I am really excited to start designing them! The images below are the images that gave me the inspiration to do three different looks.
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gothic doll makeup
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