My Characters

The Breakfast club
I was first inspired to use stereotypes from the film The Breakfast Club because the film is about college students, all from very different backgrounds and different college cliques, who are thrown together in an all day saturday detention. Each character has their own stereotype, there is the brain, the athlete, the basket case, the princess and the criminal and they all styled and act to go with their stereotype. You didn’t necessarily like or empathise with all the characters to start with because the audience automatically makes assumptions about each character, for example, the audience would think that the criminal didn’t care that he was in detention or the reasons why and you would assume that the princess was very spoilt and daddy’s girl. However by the end of the film you understand why they have done what they’ve done as they tell their stories and the reasons why they did what they did and you can understand why they have moulded into their characters and why they dress like they do.

I want to use the idea of stereotypes and what people automatically think of them in my film. I also really like that you don’t initially empathise with the characters until you understand their stories. I chose to use a goth, a hippie and a girly girl because they are all very different and have strong stereotypes. You automatically think that the goth is very aggressive and depressive, with bad social skills which would make the audience not feel sorry for her because they won’t like her dark character. The hippie will contrast well with the goth because a hippie is thought of as very spiritual, fun loving and happy; however people also think of hippies as uncool and weird, meaning the audience wouldn’t empathise with her. The girly girl would be thought of as the dumb blonde who is very spoilt, thick and selfish, meaning the audience wouldn’t empathise with her as they see her as a brat.

I wanted to exaggerate all the character styling to emphasise their differences and their stereotypes. I want the styling to work so if you saw them walking down the street, you would think they were weird and you would avoid them; however once you see the situation they’re in, you start to empathise with them. I want all the girls to have been in different situations when they were kidnapped, either in bed or out clubbing so that all their outfits are completely different and I want them all to be stereotypically dressed.

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Girl 1 – Girly Girl/Blonde Bimbo
In horror films there are certain stock characters that almost every horror film has and a great example of this is the blonde bimbo. She is always the one to die first and the audience don’t really gain a strong emotional connection with the character because she makes stupid decisions, is all about her looks and is always overly scared so when she does die, the audience aren’t really effected by it.
Examples of the blonde bimbo in horror films include Anna Faris, scarring as Cindy, in Scary Movies 1-4 where she makes silly, sometimes sexual jokes and acts like an air head. She has got very pretty and girly makeup on, which is what I want my character to have and she has shiny bleach blonde hair that is neatly styled, which is the look I am after.
Anna Faris, playing Cindy in Scary Movie 4.
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Another example of a stereotypical dumb blonde in horror film is when Paris Hilton starred in House of Wax. She already had the image of being a ditzy, self obsessed bimbo from her celebrity status, so people already had that perception of her. She plays Paige Edwards who is the girlfriend of the captain of the football team, Blake, which again is very stereotypical to have the hot blonde dating the cool football player. She is seen as the very attractive one, who is constantly in her underwear, with her hair and makeup done up. Her character is very sexual and cheeky and she spends a lot of time in her underwear, most probably to bring in the male audience. She is also very ditzy and clumsy, a great example of this is the weapon she uses to depend herself is actually the weapon that ends up killing her!
Paris Hilton playing Paige Edwards in House of Wax.
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Girl 2 – The Goth
A goth is a strong stereotype because they are thought of as always wearing black, depressive and not very sociable. I like that it will be clear to the audience that she is a goth through her black styling and very dark makeup. A goth isn’t particularly a stock character seen in films, but there is always a stock character that is the minority and they always end up dying. Not many people can relate to being a goth and so this makes this character the minority, meaning people won’t be able to relate or have sympathy for them. A good example of when someone looks different and so gets treated differently is Edward from Twilight. He has a gothic look to him, with the very pale skin, dark hair, dark eyes and blood red lips. Before getting to know his character properly I felt like I didn’t have any emotional connection to him because I just thought he was weird and creepy. In the first scene where you meet him, he just stares at Bella without any explanation, making her feel very uncomfortable. I found myself getting defensive towards him because I felt he was being so rude; again distancing myself from being sympathetic towards him.
Edward Cullen in Twilight.
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Girl 3 – The Hippie
A hippie is another strong stereotype because they are thought of as very spiritual, fun loving, happy people who love nature. Hippies are assumed to wear very colourful, floaty outfits to express their positivity and self expression, with very natural looking hair and makeup to show their very relaxed attitude. Hippies are seen by many as uncool and over dramatically into nature and peace, which means they they wouldn’t feel empathy towards them as they can’t relate to them and they think their stereotype is very ‘airy fairy’ and not down to earth.  I was inspired by the film The Tripper to include a hippie in my fashion film because the film is about a group of hippies who go to a music festival in a forest, like they do every year, but they come under attack by a mystery killer. All their styling is very relaxed, with bright colours and fun patterns, which inspired me to include the same. I was particularly inspired by Samantha’s styling because she wore a long floaty skirt, with loose layers and her hair was naturally waved, giving her a very laid back and free look.

The Tripper characters
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