Developing my Fashion Film Ideas

At first I wanted my fashion film to be based on a man living a normal life with his loving family, but then he has a secret life where he kidnaps girls and traps them in a forrest where he sexually abuses them. However I have decided, after watching Black: 2015 by Nick Knight, that I want my fashion film to be more abstract and high fashion. I want the girls in the forrest to be wearing very high fashion pieces and with their hair and makeup very avante-garde. I therefore decided to focus more on the girls and show their emotions through their actions and styling. I decided that I wanted each girl to show a different emotion, as everyone reacts to things differently. I decided on using girls around the age of 16/17 as I think these girls would be more at risk as they have just started wearing more provocative clothing and may not be as aware of the risks or be able to fight back as easily.

I want my fashion film to focus on control and the effect control has on people. I think control is something that everyone wants, whether that meaning staying on top of their bills or controlling when your child goes to sleep; however sometimes this want and need to be in control can be abused and get out of hand. The man has kidnapped the girls and trapped them in a forrest where he has full control over them. It is not going to be made clear in the film what he does to them because I want the audience to be able to think of possibly something that would scare them and then interpret that to happen. I want each girl to show a different emotion to show that different people react to things differently; however I want to show that they are all terrified and want to escape.

I have a few ideas for the title of my fashion film including; Do Despair, The Puppet Master, Forgotten Children; one of my favourites is Lost Youth because the girls have been kidnapped and trapped away from their old happy lives, friends and family. Stolen Dolls is the title that stood out to me because it shows that the girls have been stolen from their previously happy lives and been trapped in a secret wood. It also shows that the girls are seen as the old man’s dolls, in the way that he controls them and plays with them whenever he pleases.

Introduction to he Trapped Girls
I want all three girls to have different emotions to show they are coping with the situation they’re in. One can be very easily controlled and manipulated and does everything that he says; one can be very quiet and scared and within herself; and then one can be losing her mind and screaming and trying to get help.

I want there to be three girls that have been trapped in the forrest and I want them all to have references of dolls in their makeup and styling, but I don’t want them to be too obviously dolls as I want my styling to be original. I haven’t decided on the makeup, hair etc. yet; however I know that I want them all to be in different positions and all to be trapped in a different way.

Girl 1
I want this girl to be very shy, nervous and quietly scared. She will be tied up to a tree with barbed wire and stay very still, only moving her eyes. She is the girl that has the most slow motion shots because she is so much more in shock and dead still than the other two. She has been tied to a tree with barbed wire that has been wrapped right round her and restricts her from moving.

Girl 2
This girl is going crazy and screaming and shaking her head constantly. I think there will be a lot of speed up footage of her to show her panic and frustration with being trapped. She has been pushed down a ditch and is desperately trying to get out. She is the loudest, most panicked and most hysterical out of the three.

Girl 3
This girl is going to have both her wrists tied to a high branch of a tree with thick rope. She is going to be trying to rip her hands out of the rope and shaking her head and hair all over the place. She will be the most physically chaotic, however her face will be more angry than hysterical, like girl 2.


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