Characterisation Practical

In class we were put in partners and asked to create a character make up look and other personal details about the character from a piece of text. The piece of text is shown below.
The text says ‘she took one final look in the mirror before leaving’ which made me think she was into her appearance and liked to look in the mirror to make sure she looked how she wanted. However this could also be a sign of her feeling unconfident and insecure with how she looks and so she feels like she keeps having to check herself so make sure everything is how she wants it. I chose to go with the second interpretation. The text said she ‘worried that the bright lipstick was a bit of a mistake’ which makes me think it is very over the top. It also says that ‘she would never normally have gone so heavy with her eyeshadow!’ which makes me think she is very nervous about the amount of make up she is wearing and isn’t comfortable with it. This also makes me think she isn’t very confident with her makeup skills which I will show in my face chart and makeup look, i.e. I will leave out the finishing touches that someone who is more into makeup might add. I also don’t think she is very happy with how her makeup looks because she says ‘hopefully it’ll be dark in the restaurant’.

We chose the name Hannah because we thought she sounded very normal and basic, so we gave her a very common name. We decided that she would be a primary school teacher based on the fact she said ‘she liked to see herself as a more natural kind of girl’ and she sounded nervous which make me think she wasn’t that confident, which is what I picture a timid and shy, but polite school teacher to be like. We thought she would be in her mid twenties because she doesn’t sound very experienced in dating as she sounds very nervous and flustered. We decided, because of her career, she would be working class and lives in a two bedroom flat.
To show that she isn’t very into makeup I will leave out certain details that someone that isn’t really into makeup may leave out. I will make sure her eyeshadow isn’t blended very well, but it is blended enough for her to look at it and be happy with it. I also didn’t add any highlighter on her face and I didn’t contour her face very dramatically; I only contoured under her cheek bones slightly. I added a lot of blush to her look because I feel like that is a common mistake for girls to make when they don’t know much about makeup. I didn’t make the eyeshadow as heavy as what I would maybe consider as heavy because she says she usually wears very natural makeup, meaning something that I would consider basic would be more dramatic in her eyes. For the reason I gave her a neutral brown smokey eye. I didn’t add any eyeliner to the look because I don’t think she would be confident enough to do a neat eyeliner with a flick. I kept her eyebrows very natural because I don’t think she would have spent a lot of time on her eyebrows.
IMG_3574 IMG_3571


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