Idea Plans for my Fashion Film

When I was deciding what I wanted my fashion film to be about, I wanted to make sure it was on a topic that I felt strongly about. I wanted to be able to show my views and opinions on a certain topic and be able to show my passion for or against the subject.

When researching fashion films, I found that the ones that really stuck with me were the ones that had a strong message and the ones that had a sense or fear in them because they really made me stop and think. I also liked the ones that had a shock factor in them, such as graphic nudity, because they grab the audiences’ attention. I decided to create a mind map of all  the things that I fear to see if I could use one of the topics in my fashion film.

After creating my mind map, I realised that my main fears were being kidnapped, pedophiles and losing my family; I therefore want to combine all these aspects in a very disturbing fashion film.

I came up with idea of showing a happy family, possibly having a family roast or celebrating a child’s birthday etc., and throughout this happy setting I wanted to show that the dad in the family has a secret life where he kidnaps young girls and ties them up deep into the forrest with barbed wire, rope or trapped them down ditches. I want to give the impression that he sexually assaults them, but leave it up to the audience to interpret when they think happens in the forrest. I’m not sure how I am going to end the story yet, possibly with the dad visiting the girls in the forrest, or maybe even with him going to see the girls, but then imagining either his children being in that situation or his children finding him in the forrest.

This is my basic idea that I am hoping to elaborate on and develop. I am aiming to shock my audience and make them feel uncomfortable, but also to show them my views on how disgusting and disturbing I find it.


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