The Last Samurai – The Love Scene (Brief Analysis)

I have not watched the film The Last Samurai so I didn’t know the context of this scene, meaning I had to judge the relationship between them and their setting etc purely based on this one clip. It look to me like she is of a lower level to him as she bows down as he walks in and she dresses him in his armour. There isn’t much dialog in this scene, with the male not saying anything, so the emotion is shown through their faces and through the music. The girl looks very upset and moves very slowly, making her seem very down and sad about the situation. I found his character harder to read because he had a slightly angry look on his face, however this might have been because he was very confused and therefore frustrated. It looks like she is the one initiating things, as she leans in for a kiss and dresses him slowly and slightly seductively. When she removes his first garment, it almost looks like it is in slow motion because everything is done so slowly and with such care and with the soft romantic music is builds sexual tension between them in a romantic way. The clips are very long and there are very smooth transitions between each shot, giving the scene a very calming and romantic feel. He is very still throughout the scene, with a stern look on his face, whereas she looks like she is holding back tears throughout the majority and keeps seductively putting his closes on and putting her face near his. I found it very touching after they kissed, when she goes behind his back and has to gulp back her tears and scrunch up her face to stop her from crying.

The music is very slow and romantic, but also very emotional and heart felt which makes me think that they are linked romantically and he is possibly going away for a long period of time as a worrier and may even never come back. They both seem very hesitant so I don’t think this attraction for each other has been voiced before, otherwise I think they would have spoken more and it would have been more relaxed. The very soft and smooth fading between each clip of her dressing him adds to the seductive and dreamy feel to the scene which suggests they both want each other but can’t necessarily be with each other. The lighting in this scene is very soft, however there are dark shadows, suggesting that the main light source is the moonlight coming in through the windows, giving a very soft, white toned light. The dark shadows gives a sense of mystery and sensuality, along with the romantic music.

PFEONIX72, 2011. The Last Samurai – Love Scene[HD] [9 October 2015]. Available from:


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