Introduction to Fashion Film and Show Studio

A fashion film hasn’t yet got one clear definition, but it can be interpreted in different ways. I think a fashion film is almost a cross between a clothing advert and a music video because the designer shows off his clothes in motion (like an advert) and they do this to music and in an artist way (like a music video). Fashion films can be very effective in creating certain mood or atmosphere with the use of music, lighting, special effects and editing for a garment. Fashion films can also show how the garments move and the outfits from all angles which can give you a lot more information about the garments. In today’s media obsessed society, the best way to get your work seen in through the internet, for example, Instagram, FaceBook or on blogs/websites. It is so easy and affordable to upload something online and it can see seen worldwide.

LADYGAGAVEVO, 2011. Lady Gaga – Born This Way [8 October 2015]. Available from:

Nick Knight launched the website Show Studio, in November 2000 and it is now the leading force behind the fashion film medium. It is where designers, artists and photographers can share their fashion films, interviews or creative experiences and it is now an award-winning website. Show Studios has collaborated with leading names in fashion such as Kate Moss and Alexander McQueen and Lady Gaga, but it has also acted as a great platform for emerging artists such as Giles Deacon and Gareth Pugh. Nick Knight is quoted on this website saying “Show Studio is based on the belief that showing the entire creative process – from conception to completion – is beneficial for the artist, audience and the art itself” and this is exactly what Show Studio does. High fashion has been quite closed off and almost hidden from the public, however Show Studios broadcasts live footage from fashion shows, photo shoots and behind the scenes footage which I think is making high fashion a lot more accessible.

Fashion Film History

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