How to: Apply a Wig and Facial Hair

How to Apply a Wig

-Tail comb
-Hair brush
-Hair grips
-Hair elastics
-Bald cap

Step by step:
1. Brush hair and put hair into a centre parting.
(Option 1)
2. Take small square sections of hair, twist the hair around two fingers and then twist the hair until it lies flat with the head. Make sure the curls at the front aren’t too close to the hair line because the hair line needs to be very flat.
3. Put two hair grips is a cross to secure the pins curl.
4. Continue to do this all over the head until the hair is flat enough to apply the bald cap.
IMG_3284 IMG_3285 IMG_3286
(Option 2)
2. Create a french plait down either side of the head and secure with a hair elastic.
3. Cross both plaits over and pin them to either side, as shown in the images below.
IMG_3287 IMG_3288
5. Ask your client to hold the front of the bald cap at their hair line and then take the rest of the bald cap back and over their head until all their hair is covered. Make sure the ears are still showing.
6. Secure the bald cap with two hair grips just above the ears.
7. This is when the wig can be applied. Make sure you prepare the wig before it is applied to the client, on a wig block. Again, ask the client to hold the front of the wig and put it back and over their head. Make sure everything is lined up so that none of their natural hair or the bald cap shows through. If the wig is too big, then there are adjustable strings that can be tightened.
8. Secure the wig in place with some hair grips round the outside by pushing them in towards the face and then turning them back on themselves.

Below are all the wigs I put on my partner, once all the steps above had been taken.
IMG_3297 IMG_3295 IMG_3294IMG_3298 IMG_3300
I am really happy with how my wig application and preparation went and I really enjoyed it! I felt like the pins curls took me a lot longer than the french plait so I think I will french plaits their hair in future before applying the wig, unless my clients hair is too short, in which case I will do the pins curls. If I were to do it again, I would secure the pin curls around the hair line further back so that the wig can lie flatter around that area, however I didn’t notice it being too much of a problem. I found that with the pin curls, the wigs would get stuck in the pins and would therefore be difficult to take off easily without disturbing the hair or bald cap underneath. We were advised to use the same colour stocking cap as the wig we put on top so that if it is seen slightly through the wig then it isn’t too obvious, so I will do that in future. We were all in a bit of a rush to try on as many wigs as we could so I rushed the preparation of the wigs. If I were to apply a wig for a photo shoot or performance etc I would take more care in preparing the wig on a wig block beforehand to make the wig look as natural as possible.

How to Apply Facial Hair

-Crape hair
-Prit stick/stipple paste
-Fluffy brush

Step by step:
1. Cut the crape hair into very small bits, i.e. however long you want the hair on the face to be.
2. Mix a couple of colours together to make it look more natural and blend the colours by rubbing it in your fingers.
3. Take some prig stick or stipple paste with a spatular and warm it on the back of your hand.
4. Apply the paste anywhere you want the hair to stick to. If you want to cover a big area, do it in sections so that the paste doesn’t dry.
5. Lightly dip the brush into the hair and dab it onto the paste, where you want the hair to stick.
IMG_3301 IMG_3302 IMG_3303
I found that the hair attached to the paste really easily, however I also found that the hair stuck to my partner’s foundation which made it look messy. I think if I were to do it again I would either apply to hair more precisely to the paste or I would remove the hair afterwards. If I were to remove the hair afterwards, then I would remove some of the foundation, so I would have to touch that up afterwards. I think that the hair looks good from a far, however I don’t think it looks that realistic close up. I think that this method would be more effective if it was used more to fill a more sparse areas in, e.g. to make someone’s facial hair look thicker.


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