Looking at Film Scenes

In class we worked in groups of 3 or 4 and answered questions on a certain film scene. The questions we answered are listed below:

-What is the scene about?
-After watching this scene, what do I understand about the characters thoughts and emotions?
-How did the scene make me feel?
-Try and explain the title’s meaning.
-How did my expectations of the film shape my reactions to the film?
-Did your previous experience of the Director or star inform your prior understanding of what to expect from the film?
-Did the film fulfil or disappoint your expectations?

Blade Runner – Love Scene

BONDATSKI007, 2012. Blade Runner Love Scene [7 October 2015]. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOfvq5ZO-Qw

-What is this scene about?
I think it could be interpreted as a rape scene because he tries to kiss her but when she walks away and tries to leave the room, he slams the door in her face and throws her up against the wall and forces her to kiss him. However it could also be interpreted that she wanted something to happen because when she walked into the room and saw that he had been drinking and was topless on the bed she stayed in the room and started playing the piano, possibly to try to get his attention.

-After watching this scene, what do I understand about the characters thoughts and emotions?
I think that she is scared and intimidated when he throws her up against the wall, but I think she gets confused and upset when they start kissing because she doesn’t know whether she actually does want to be with him or not. I think he is very frustrated with her and he doesn’t understand why she doesn’t want to be with him and that’s why he gets so angry and aggressive with her. I got the impression that he didn’t feel in control of the situation and didn’t like that and that is also why he was so aggressive.

-How did the scene make me feel?
At first I thought that she wanted to be with him because she saw that he was topless on the bed and then started playing the piano to possibly get his attention. When she did wake him up she started undoing her hair, which could be interpreted as a seductive gesture towards him. He then complimented her piano playing skills and leant in to kiss her on the neck and she didn’t pull away, which made me think that maybe she wanted it to happen. The scene then made me feel very uncomfortable and scared for the her when she tried to get away but couldn’t. I then felt very confused when she was saying to him that she wanted him because then why wouldn’t she of kissed him? I think she is just very confused with what she wants in this scene which is supposed to confuse the audience.

-Explain the title’s meaning.
He is a Blade Runner and she is an android. They are falling in love with each other but they know they can’t be together.

I haven’t seen the whole film and I hadn’t seen any adverts or trailers for it so the last couple of questions don’t relate to me.

Grease – When Danny and Sandy meet at school

MOVIECLIPS, 2011. Grease (3/10) Movie CLIP – Phony Danny (1978) HD [7 October 2015]. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZS9SXH3DfT8

What is the scene about?
This scene shows the first time Danny and Sandy meet after they enjoyed a romantic holiday on the beach together. The Pink Ladies take Sandy to Danny at the side of a sports game to surprise both of them and they are both so shocked to see each other! Although as soon as Danny realises that his excitement to see her is not seen as ‘cool’ by his mates, he immediately backs off and starts mocking her to make them laugh.

-After watching this scene, what do I understand about the characters thoughts and emotions?
As soon as they both sae each other they were both so excited and shocked. They both had such big smiles on their faces and wanted to ask loads of questions to find out if they were going to be at the same college. Danny instantly came out of his ‘cool’ character;  his voice went really high pitched and he talked really quickly and he jumped up to go and talk to her. Kenickie and the boys notice this change of character and so close in on him and give him a confused and almost disgusted look. Danny then notices that he wasn’t being ‘cool’ anymore so he immediately snaps back into his laid back, T-Birds act and starts mocking Sandy and poking fun at her. I think he was really excited to see him and his reaction to seeing her was genuine, but I think he was embarrassed to be seen getting that excited and energetic over seeing a girl. When Sandy storms off away from his, it is clear by his facial expression and the fact that he walked off to cool off for a bit that he was gutted that he hurt her feelings and made her look stupid. I think that Sandy is ecstatic to see Danny too but then I think she is really disappointed, confused and hurt by the way he made fun of her in front of her new friends and his friends. She calls him a “fake and a phoney” and she says “I wish I’d never laid eyes on you” which definitely shows how upset and angry she it!

-How did the scene make me feel?
The scene made me feel really excited and happy for them when they first met but when Danny started putting on his ‘bad man’ front, it made me feel angry and frustrated at him for caring so much about how he looked in front of his friends. I felt really sad and sorry for Sandy because she was clearly to happy to see him, but he poked fun at her and embarrassed her. I was confused when, after Sandy storms off, Rizzo looked at Danny, with a big smile and wide eyes because it seemed like she was happy and pleased that he had embarrassed Sandy.

-Try and explain the title’s meaning.
I think that the title ‘Grease’ represents the grease that the boys all use in their hair to make them look cool and hard. The grease could also represent the grease they use in their cars because their cars are so important to them and a sign of high and cool status.


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